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In the Fall of 2018, a group of enthusiastic parents approached the Principal of Saint Joseph Regional School (SJRS) with a request that he expand his school through 12th grade. Given the tremendous enrollment growth of the pre-k through 8th grade in the last five years at SJRS, the Diocese of Manchester approved the request and the process began.


With those same parents spearheading the project, a search for a location was initiated.  At the end of an exhaustive search of the area, when it became apparent that a perfect home could not be found, the Pastor of the Parish of the Holy Spirit, Father Alan Tremblay, stepped forward to offer us the use of 161 Main Street, known locally as the Clairvaux Center.  

From that day forward, we have drawn together all assets, the parent group, the staff of SJRS educators, and the Parish of the Holy Spirit community, and moved together toward the opening date of Fall 2020.  We remain committed to faith formation throughout primary and secondary education, and are proud to be part of the process which has brought Mercy Academy to reality.


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