The House System at Mercy Academy

At its most basic, a House System is a way to divide students into smaller communities within our school. More importantly, the houses will create opportunities to build character, relationships, school spirit and engage in public service.

The following outlines the House System we will be using:

When students enter Our Lady of Mercy Academy, they will be assigned to one of two houses: Saint Ursula or Saint Thomas Aquinas. Students will remain in the same house for all four years. Each house will be a mix of grades 9-12. As student enrollment increases two more houses will be added, Saint Drogo and Saint Josephine Bakhita.

Each house will have a house color, emblem/logo and Latin motto that is representative of its patron saint.

Each house is led by a House Advisor from the faculty and a Head of House elected by students.

Houses compete for house points throughout the year in an effort to win three house cups at the end of the year. These include: highest cumulative GPA and attendance, service hours and fundraising for charities that promote Catholic values, and friendly extracurricular competitions, school club membership and athletics.

The House System is overseen by the School Counselor, but planning and execution of the system is carried out by the Head of House and their cabinet.

Houses will meet once a week during lunch to address/plan school related activities.


We hope the House System at OLMA will benefit individual students and the school culture at large by:

● allowing new students to be part of a small group, which will help them acclimate quickly and establish a sense of belonging.
● creating a place where students can develop meaningful relationships with other students and staff.
● giving students an opportunity to interact with peers from each grade level.
● providing a great way to get to know each other outside of a classroom setting.
● increasing opportunities for student leadership, school spirit and extracurricular activities.
● creating a source of positive peer influence, motivating students to make healthy and productive academic and life choices.

Members of the incoming classes at OLMA for 2020-21 will play a significant role in creating the culture and traditions that define Mercy Academy. It is our hope that strong student leadership will help build an amazing school climate where diversity of thought and expression are valued, and all students feel accepted and appreciated. We hope the House System will help facilitate a fun and vibrant school culture!

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